Stay cool with Marci this summer~

What classes are offered?

-Yogalates on Sundays with Marci is a nontraditional fusion of yoga and Pilates that works the whole body. 

- Rotating Yoga Class on Tuesday evenings at 4:45pm opens the body and calms the mind. This class rotates every week, so check the schedule on the 'Join' page.  Suitable for beginners and all levels. 

-Mixed Level Yoga on Thursday afternoons goes deeper and has more advanced options, and is a full body workout.

In all classes, Marci offers heart practice  to help restore equilibrium and balance in students as we navigate an often chaotic and stressful world.

What's Marci like?

She's not your typical yoga teacher.

  • She hates mornings
  • She has an irreverent sense of humor
  • She's a nurturing teacher and views yoga in a framework of self-care, not competition.
  • Her online yoga classes are fun, never boring, and work the whole body. Her cats show up.

Marci  demonstrates moves and explains transitions clearly. She believes in meeting students where they are~ one of her favorite phrases is to 'honor where you're at' always.

    What's a 'Muppy?'

    A "Muppy' is an 'Monthly Unlimited Passholder" (MUP), who pays just $49/month to get unlimited access to ALL of the live weekly classes AND a different recorded class each week, that you can watch anytime.

    How does it work?

    When you buy a Monthly pass, every Sunday evening at 6pm you'll receive an email with invitations to all three of the week's upcoming live classes (and a video),

    Can I take a class without being a Muppy? 

    Yes. On the 'Join' page, you can buy a single $10 drop-in pass for any class you want to take, and then receive a class invitation with a Zoom link.